Precision Casting

We offer infinite solutions for finished products, here is a selection but can make more.


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Unveiling our exceptional production process, we proudly showcase the utilization of two furnaces. These integral components ensure flawless continuity and enable precise control over the elemental composition of our products. Experience the unrivaled advantage of seamless production flow, supported by the ability to maintain utmost precision in the content of key elements.


Experience the finesse of precision casting or lost wax casting on our webpage. From creating wax cores and cones to their hardening with gypsum and sand, our process ensures meticulous accuracy. After removing the wax, we flawlessly fill the cavities, resulting in products of exceptional precision and finish.


With the invaluable support of our spectrometer analyzer, our quality control team ensures rapid analysis and precise verification of each batch from both furnaces. This cutting-edge technology enhances our ability to swiftly and accurately assess the composition and quality of our products, further bolstering our commitment to excellence. Experience the seamless integration of advanced analysis tools, ensuring unparalleled quality assurance at every step.